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I’m the law component here. I’m an attorney with more than twenty-five years of experience in litigation and arbitration matters on both the state- and federal-court level. I represent residents in high-profile mass toxic tort cases. I’m also a certified mediator and arbitrator. As a long-time adjunct faculty member at the University at Buffalo Law School, it's been a privilege to teach environmental law, wildlife and biodiversity law, environmental conflict resolution, and alternative dispute resolution. I’m licensed in both New York and Georgia, and a proud graduate of SUNY Buffalo, where I received a joint Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and communication. I earned my Juris Doctor degree from Vanderbilt University Law School in Nashville, Tennessee.

I not only care about all things environmental, including my duty to responsibly steward Earth's natural resources, but I also like to write. I wrote or co-wrote books for law students and new lawyers. My recent suspense novel, Green City Savior, is set in my hometown of Niagara Falls, N.Y. 

I hope that you enjoy exploring science, law, and faith as much as I do. I'm so glad you're willing to join us on this WILD journey!

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Dr. Bernadette Clabeaux is an Assistant Professor of Biology at Medaille College and Director of WNY Raptor and Wildlife Care, Inc. She was always inspired by the natural world and has dedicated her life and career to environmental education, research, and the rehabilitation of injured wildlife. Her undergraduate education at Medaille inspired her to go on to graduate school at the SUNY at Buffalo and earn her Ph. D. in Biological Sciences. She enjoys sharing her passion for the sciences with her students and the public, and enjoys connecting others with nature. For more information on wildlife rehabilitation services provided by WNY Raptor and Wildlife Care, Inc., please visit us on social media or on our website at


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